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5 Summer activities to keep your little princess entertained.

5 Summer activities to keep your little princess entertained.

The Christmas tree is packed away and school holidays are in full swing. If you kids are anything like mine even though they have received enough presents to occupy them for a lifetime they are venturing into the ‘I’m Bored’ space. We have compiled a collection of princess themed activities to keep your little one busy this holidays.

Royal Crown Crafting:

Let your little ones channel their inner princess by crafting their own royal crowns. Provide materials like colourful paper, glitter, stickers, and adhesive jewels. Assist them in measuring the paper to fit around their heads, and let their creativity run wild as they design and decorate their personalized crowns fit for princesses. Pinterest has some great inspiration if you need a creative push. This activity not only enhances fine motor skills but also encourages imaginative play as they transform into royal figures.

Fairy Tale Storytelling and Dress-Up:

Create a magical storytelling corner where your little ones can immerse themselves in fairy tales. Lay out a selection of princess dresses, crowns, and accessories, including some Little Princess Locks wigs. Encourage them to choose their favourite characters and act out their own fairy tales. This activity fosters creativity, language development, and social skills as they engage in imaginative play together.

Enchanted Castle Building:

Transform ordinary cardboard boxes into enchanted castles with this fun and engaging activity. Provide paints, markers, glue, and various craft materials for decorating. Let your little ones design and decorate their own castles, complete with turrets and drawbridges. This hands-on crafting activity promotes spatial awareness, creativity, and teamwork if multiple children are involved in building a collaborative castle kingdom.

Magical Potion Making:

Set up a potion-making station where your little ones can concoct magical potions just like their favourite princesses. Use safe and non-toxic materials like coloured water, glitter, flower petals, and small trinkets or grab one of our The Little Potion Co potion kits. Provide mixing bowls, spoons, and jars for potion creation. This sensory and imaginative play activity not only stimulates creativity but also enhances fine motor skills as they measure and mix ingredients to create their magical elixirs.

Princess Dance Party:

Host a royal dance party for your little princesses. Create a playlist of their favourite princess songs, and encourage them to dress up in their finest princess attire, don’t forget their LPL wigs. Clear a space for dancing, and let them twirl and dance to the magical melodies. This activity not only promotes physical activity but also allows them to express themselves through movement. Consider adding in a "royal ball" element with a designated dance floor and royal announcements for added fun.

Summer Scavenger Hunt :

Grab your favourite princess dress and your hat and head out into nature with our Summer Scavenger Hunt. Beyond encouraging outdoor exploration and physical activity, the hunt promotes teamwork, cognitive development, and creative thinking as participants work together to solve clues and uncover hidden treasures.